How To Plan For 2016


It’s that time of year again, the festivities are over and now is the lull before we welcome in the new year.I love fresh beginnings. True, they’re cliché and often go by without things transpiring as you’d envisaged. However, this is the time of year that I can properly reassess. I look at where I am and where I want to go in the future. Sometimes, people get stressed or would rather stick their head in the sand when it comes to making positive changes, but I truly believe that this time of year can be the most healthy and productive time in your life. It’s the best opportunity to figure out what you want out of life and, most importantly, make a plan to put those wishes in to action. Let me show you how I plan for the new year.

Make a list.

First, figure out where you are in life. What things are you comfortable with and what aspects leave you feeling unfulfilled? It could be obvious, such as your career, relationship, living situation etc. However, it could be something less conspicuous – maybe you miss the time you used to spend drawing or going to see you family members. Perhaps, you feel like your daily routine has become monotonous or you have lost interest in the food you cook each night. Alternatively, you might want to consider what is working in your life. Are you feeling really proud of your current workout routine? Maybe you feel really happy with how well your savings are building up. Each of these are aspects that can shape your plan for 2016 so don’t feel like something is too small.

Provide answers.

Writing down where you feel you are in life isn’t quite enough – you need to provide answers to any problem areas you face. If you feel a certain area leaves you wanting, it’s up to you alone to find the solution. Sometimes, that solution can be scary. Not all of our answers can be daily rituals that run the risk of petering out. One day last year, I decided I wasn’t content with the career path I’d taken and needed a shake-up. I looked at my options and a year later, I find myself living in a different city and working in an industry I had never imagined for myself. I’m not saying that you’re situation calls for such a drastic resolution – but hey, maybe it does! I am a full advocate of taking the necessary risks as an investment into the future. Make a list of actions you need to take to get you where you want to go – then jump in head first this New Year!

 Learn to push yourself.

New Year Resolutions have a bad rap these days, because people have a tendency of dropping off sometime mid-February. If you’re serious about the changes you want to make, then you’ll be passionate enough to stick at it. Why bother starting if you can’t finish it?

 Imagine where you want to be.

Ok, this one is corny but it’s also the most powerful thing I’ve learnt to do. I don’t just mean picturing yourself getting a promotion or moving house. I mean to let the entire situation envelop you; feeling everything that you imagine as you walk into your brand new house. Imagining putting you bag down on the bench as you get home from work and walking over the fridge (well that’s what I do anyway!) What I’m getting at is that if you let can put yourself into the situation you wish to eventuate, to the point where you feel and see every minute detail, you will build the drive to achieve it in reality. Not only that, no matter how big your goal might be, the more you normalise it and see yourself achieving it, the easier you will find your path towards it.

Get excited for 2016! It’s your chance to make the changes you want to see! Get out there and make them happen and be thankful for each opportunity! Good luck!


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