Ultrasound Therapy

that ultrasound therapy can reduce the signs of ageing_

Ultrasound therapy has been making its mark in the world of Clinical Aesthetics.

Ultrasound therapy’s ability to bypass the surface of the skin means that clients can avoid the downtime that follows procedures such as laser, injections and surgery.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘non-surgical face lift’, the procedure involves delivering ultrasound therapy at a specific temperature and a specific depth. Given that the aesthetician can use ultrasound imaging to see where they need to target, aestheticians can treat individuals at a very specific level.

The procedure works by triggering the skin’s natural regenerative process that produces collagen. With fresh collagen being created, the skin sags less and is plumper.

Due to visible signs appearing after the production of new collagen has taken affect, results will be seen over the space of 2-3 months.

There is no specific preparation clients need to do before the procedure and there is no downtime.

Occasionally clients might experience some tingling or tenderness, but this is rare is does not last very long.

Most people only need one treatment, but this does depend on the individual and their genetic ageing process.

For those experiencing issues such as lax skin tone, and looking for a non-invasive and fuss-free solution, ultrasound therapy might just be the answer!

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