Five Things To Consider Before A Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

1. Medication

Some medications, such as the contraceptive pill, can negatively impact that results of a chemical peel. It’s important to speak with your doctor regarding the medications you’re on before going ahead.

2. Skin tone

While fairer skin tones often gain the best results from peels, those with darker skin can still achieve a good result. However, it’s essential to understand the peel you are receiving, as anything too deep can lead to uneven skin tone and possibly scarring.

3. Sun damage

Once the skin has undergone a chemical peel, it will be incredibly sensitive and delicate. Any exposure to UVA and UVB rays can be more damaging than usual so it’s important to keep out of the sun and protect the skin in the days of recovery.

4. Cold sores

While it may not be the first thing you think of, receiving a chemical peel can actually prompt a cold sore to resurface if you have the virus in your system. If you have experienced cold sores in the past, it’s important to let your aesthetician know in advance.

5. Preparation

Depending on the level of depth of the peel, you may need to perform up to two weeks of skin preparation before undergoing the procedure. This generally involves cleansing twice a day and moisturising with a specific cream, sometimes also using retinol such as tretinoin (vitamin A) as a topical cream. This will help the skin recover quickly, as well as peel more evenly. Daily application of sunscreen is also part of the preparation, if you are not already in the habit. For a medium to deep peel, you may also be required to take a dose of medication to avoid any viral infection – especially if you suffer from cold sores, as mentioned above.


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