How To Beat Cold & Flu Season

That 80% of colds are spread by direct contact .jpg

This week marks the beginning of Winter and now is the best time to be thinking about busting out the big guns against cold and flu season!

We’re talking about all the ways to help prevent and treat the symptoms of a cold or flu.


One thing that is incredibly important when you have a cold is to give your body the adequate amount of rest it needs to repair itself. Your body simply doesn’t have the same amount of resilience that it has when it’s at its healthiest, so pushing yourself harder is actually detrimental to your own health. Look after yourself and take the necessary time out to recuperate.

Break a sweat:

Did you know that sweating is one of your body’s methods to rid itself of toxins?

By aiding your body and raising your body temperature so it breaks a sweat, you can help it to detoxify. While light exercise might help this, you can also treat yourself to the ultimate herbal sweat! You begin by adding around 10 drops of essential oils (try Lavender, or Eucalyptus) on a damp cloth and place it in your shower so that the water can hit it as it runs. Then turn on the hot water (no need for cold) and allow it to run with the bathroom door shut so that the room builds up steam. Seat yourself in the room to raise your temperature (being careful not to go too far!) so that your body begins to break a sweat. The process can be sped up by also drinking a ginger tea.


A cold or flu can really take a toll on your body’s vital hydration levels. While you should be drinking around 8 glasses of water a day, it’s even more important to keep those levels up when you are unwell. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they can have the opposite effect. Also, drinking hot drinks such as herbal tea or lemon and honey in hot water can work to break up mucus in the throat and nasal area.

Be aware of what you touch:

Your phone, money, travel card and the like all hold an astonishing amount of germs. You are constantly handling them when you’re out and about so be aware of what can be transferred onto them and then to your hands. Be conscious of what touches your face – both your hands and your phone are frequently there which makes it very easy for bacteria to transfer to you.

Get in the habit of sanitising your hands, wash them before eating and avoid touching your face too much!

Fortify your body with the right foods:

You can give your body the best tools to protect itself by keeping a diet of nutrient and vitamin rich, wholesome foods. Leafy greens, sweet potato, red capsicum, strawberries, garlic, tomatoes and citruses such as orange and lemon are packed full of vitamins that boost the immunity and help to fight bacteria and viruses. Be sure to incorporate omega-3 fatty acids such as fish and good oils, as well as protein like chicken and eggs to keep your body running smoothly and at optimum capacity.

Some foods, on the other hand, are actually detrimental to protecting against and fighting off cold and flu. Things such as some dairy, processed foods such as sugar and white bread, as well as soft drinks can all work in suppressing the immune system, effectively giving the virus free rein to run amok through your body!

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