Signs You Might Have A Nutrient Deficiency


We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat’, but did you know that what your appearance on the outside can be a reflection of what you are specifically missing on the inside?

Our skin, eyes, hair and nails are always telling us something. When they are clear, strong, healthy and glowing, we know that they are receiving everything they need to be at their optimum health. When they are not, however, as is often the case, we can actually read the signs to find out exactly what nutrients our bodies are crying out for.

We’ve listed some of the most common deficiencies and how they might be spotted from the outside.

Vitamin A:

The average woman ought to be receiving around 2,333 UI per of vitamin A.

Those not receiving their necessary quota might experience dry eyes, dry and scaly skin and brittle hair.

Make sure you include lots of carrots, sweet potato and tuna in your diet as it will help boost your immune system and assist in healing by encouraging the production of new cells!

Vitamin C:

You should be trying to get about 85g to reach the recommended amount of vitamin C each day.

Common signs that you aren’t receiving the necessary amount include bleeding gums and nosebleeds, red eyes/burst blood vessels, acne and easily bruising.

You should be receiving enough vitamin C in your diet by consuming foods like citrus fruits, strawberries and red capsicum.


A women should receive about 46g of protein per day.

A lack of it will result in hair loss/thinning and sore or deteriorating muscles.

As long as you’re consuming the adequate amount of quality meat, eggs and things such as Greek yoghurt, you shouldn’t find it difficult to reach your quota.


It’s recommended to receive about 18mg of iron per day.

A deficiency will result in the skin looking pallid and washed-out. Nails become brittle, and a person is likely to feel frequently lethargic.

You can up your iron intake by ensuring there is plenty of fish, nuts and leafy greens such as spinach in your diet.

Nutrients are such a vital component to your inner and outer health. Unless you are consuming the appropriate amount of each, your body cannot function at full capacity.

Read more about the importance of nutrients over calories here and make sure you are eating the right foods in the right way.


Image Credit: Nourish by Lorna Jane

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