TACHW Staff Profile: Meet Lecturer Kirsten Strudwick


Name: Dr Kirsten Strudwick
Qualification: BSc, MChiro
Position at TACHW: Lecturer

Why did you choose to be a part of this industry?

I chose to be part of the industry, as I wanted to be involved in the advancing movement in anti-ageing skin management and wellness. In the growing industry market, with new and ever developing technology, and a high demand for qualified practitioners to deliver these new technologies, higher standards of education are imperative for the clinical aestheticians today.

What recent industry developments are you most excited about?

In today’s fast moving society, recent advancements in skin rejuvenation have allowed for minimally invasive procedures that are quicker, more affordable, and with no downtime. You can do them in your lunch break.

What has been the most significant shift in the industry that you’ve seen in the past 10 years?

Consumers are spending more on skin rejuvenation than ever before. This can be seen by an increase in the number of spa and laser clinics Australia wide. With a wide variety of choices, consumers are making informed decisions about the services they receive and who delivers them. Individuals are looking for the more qualified and educated clinical aestheticians rather than a therapist with minimal specialised training.

Where do you see the industry moving now, in terms of careers and study prospects?

The industry is propelling forward with vast improvements in technology and advancements in anti-ageing techniques. Greater career opportunities are around every corner, with many people choosing to study dermal therapies as their primary career path.

Why is education so important within this growing industry?

The role of the clinical aesthetician is ever evolving; there is now a demand to be more proficient and knowledgeable in the anatomy and physiology of the skin. It only benefits the industry as a whole to have an advanced understanding of the cause for correct diagnosis of specific skin conditions. Education provides an armoury of tools to ensure best practice and better outcomes for clients.

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