Facials For Different Skin Concerns

Facials For Different Skin Concerns.JPG

Contrary to popular belief, facials are about more than relaxation. While some women associate the word with a pamper day, an effective facial should be more about the treatment of skin concerns than simply relaxing.

When seeing a professional for a facial, it’s important to know which skin conditions you wish to address, so your practitioner or therapist can accurately prescribe the right procedure for you.

There are many techniques and products that can make up a facial, each addressing certain skin concerns such as dehydration or blemishes.

Acneic Skin:

For skin that suffers from breakouts and acne, you might undergo a facial which includes advanced tools such as high frequency devices or Emerge fractional laser devices. The former produces a high frequency current which stimulates the renewal of cells, prevents stubborn acne, unclogs pores and decreases puffiness. This is a great anti-bacterial, germicidal option and is effective in minimising excess oil.

Emerge fractional laser is a mild form of fractionated laser. It’s non-ablative and works to speed up the rejuvenation process of the skin by breaking up damaged and scarred cells.

Ageing Skin:

For those looking for an anti-ageing facial, you may again find the best results in technology. Microdermabrasion – resurfacing of the skin – can aid in the removal of dead cells whilst encouraging new cells to form, leaving you with a brighter complexion. Another alternative is a Microlift, which works to firm and tone the skin by combining a ‘muscle gripping’ device and micro-current stimulation; gentle electrical pulses work with the body’s own bio-electrical field and tone the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin texture.

Dehydrated Skin:

Dehydrated skin is not exclusive to ‘dry’ or ‘ageing’ skin types; dehydrated skin is lacking in moisture, not sebum. There are certain facial options which can specifically target dehydration as a concern. An oxygen facial, for example, can replenish the cells with no downtime. Pure hyperbaric oxygen is sprayed onto a thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated face, using a wand device. It’s usually infused within a serum that includes nutrients and anti-oxidants for the skin.

Another option is a Glycolic facial, which is both stimulating and exfoliating; a chemical exfoliant can often be a better option for dehydrated and dull skin.

If you are considering booking in for a facial treatment, it’s important to identify your skin goals and choose your salon or clinic based on their service offerings. The wrong type of facial can not only ignore your actual skin concerns, but actually make them worse.

Ensure you have a consultation with your chosen professional before the appointment to ensure clear communication of your expectations and concerns.


Image Source: Champs Elysees Day Spa

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