Anti-Ageing – What’s in a Clinic Today?

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Anti-ageing has become a medical specialty in its own right. It refers to the prevention, treatment and even reversal of the signs of ageing. An extension of preventative and holistic wellness, it is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine in the world. It is also a contributing factor to the increasing age expectation of a human life.

With current technologies such as anti-ageing and age reversing devices, along with a healthy diet, appropriate exercise and awareness and eradication of diseases before they have a chance to occur, we are effectively prolonging and improving our quality of life. It’s no wonder that anti-ageing conferences are now becoming some of the most popular conferences on the world circuit.

Keeping up with Consumer Expectations

Beauty clinics, doctor’s surgeries, even dermatologists or specialist surgeons and plastic surgeons around the world are realising that in order to keep up with consumer expectation and demand, they need to be offering the latest anti-ageing treatments alongside more traditional medicine.

There has been a real shift in the way we approach our health and beauty, due to a combination of scientific and technological advancements. Things that we used to dream of when it came to turning back the clock are now becoming reality. With stem cell rejuvenation we can now tighten skin without surgery. Being able to determine exactly where we position fat in our bodies is now a possibility, with fat transfer becoming a commonly performed procedure all over the world. The interesting thing is that these treatments and procedures are now often being offered side by side in the same clinics who now cater for a person’s whole approach to health.

It’s not unusual for a dermatologist to offer laser or light treatments, or a plastic surgeon to offer fat transfer as well as synthetic breast implants. It’s commonplace that your local GP clinic will also offer what looks like a Medispa menu of blood analysis or a nutritionist to counsel you on your diet; the local skincare or cancer clinic to offer laser hair removal or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for removal of pigmentation or skin imperfections; or a plastic surgeon to offer Coolsculpting and Vampire Facials for after you’ve had your rhinoplasty.

Catering for the Individual

The beauty of all this new technology, devices, treatments and procedures is that we can specifically tailor an anti-ageing approach for each of us. There is a solution for almost every skin issue or imperfection. Acne is almost a thing of the past. Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections are becoming so mainstream there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to the practice.

Societal Acceptance

In the last five years there has been a huge turnaround in society’s acceptance of these measures to stop the ageing process. Botox used to be only for the rich, or Hollywood’s celebrities. It’s now more commonplace than you might think. Australians spend in excess of $1billion on cosmetic treatments each year – more per capita than Americans! No longer are consumers settling for brow waxing or shaping; feathering and tattooing is more popular than ever. The standard facial is being replaced by more long-term effective treatments such as chemical peels or laser, with the cost of these new procedures being drastically reduced.

Anti-ageing clinics are here to stay, with the science and technology behind the concept only increasing in momentum.

Image Credit: Beauticate